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Your pictures are more entertaining as time goes on. And yay, a picture of Susan in her Jo costume. :-) Keep posting, Andrew!

The only thing this needs is MORE COWBELL -- I mean, Minarik and Duda!

Katie Rose

:-( :-( :-(
I am thinking lovely get-well thoughts for her, even though I don't know what happened.

On a more cheerful note, LOVE the pictures once again! :-) My little sister asked me why Squatch is wearing a leather kilt, teehee! Keep up with the "hodgepodge"... a hodgepodge is much better than no posting at all. Thank you for making the effort! (I respect and appreciate your dedication, I personally have squat patience for slow internet connectivity.)


Love the pictures Mr. V, they are great. I am sorry to hear about Kate, I have had knee problems to this year about the same time as Kate. I hope that she has a speedy recovery and can hopefully at least do one more show before the tour ends. I am sad for it ending the whole cast has just been wonderful! You all did a great job bringing this wonderful show to audiences around the US! Bravo!


Hi Mr. Varela -- I was just directed to this site and wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading it and looking at the pictures! I came to see the show on Wednesday night and it was fabulous! (Thanks for taking a picture with me and my sister!) Best of luck to you and Susan in your future endeavors!

Dr. Michael Meade

So sorry to learn of Ms. Fisher's injury. Please forward to her that we think of her often and wish her a speedy recovery.

Dr. and Mrs. Michael/Margaret Meade


Greetings to all.

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nice pics. Thanks
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