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you granted my request for white trash pictures! You RULE! those are the funniest lol. Now I vote for like... what else was fun that you didnt have pics of??????? The paint gun day! Bruise contest Ewww! That would be so funny lol.

thanks for posting them! Maureen makes the BEST white trash ever ever ever.

Katie Rose

Ooo, so much fun!!!! I am particularly fond of you and Oscar outside of Orchard House. That is just incredibly cool. And that Pussycat Dolls audition is entirely awesome. It is something my friends and I would do! ;-) Gosh, all the ladies of Little Women are so ridiculously beautiful, even at the White Trash Party!!! Oh, and of course the gentlemen are strikingly handsome... especially that one who plays the Professor, you know, with that engaging personality?

I'm still thinking about Kate. Any further updates? I'm so worried!

Katie Rose

Oh my gosh! I forgot to mention in previous comment: NICE PJ pants in the hospital... :-D And, looking at the pictures of White Trash Party, my mom said, "The amazing part is they were all already TRAVELING with this stuff!" Teehee! Aww, and Susan's "tattoo" says "Andrew!"


YOUR tattoo is rather fetching!


Okay those White Trash pictures are too funny! Thanks again for sharing Andrew!


These are fabulous! Tell Autumn I love her and Billy as Dog and Beth, but Billy needed even bigger boobs *g*.


I feel a slight sadness upon veiwing these pictures-- sadness that you didn't discover this feature sooner. ;)

Thanks for posting, and amusing.


LOVE the pictures!!! The white trash pictures were my favorite. And I sticking with what I have always been saying, Maureen is one of the hottest ladies around!!! I am a little sad knowing that the tour is ending tomorrow.

Katie Rose

Mr. V,
Can we expect a final blog entry? I very sincerely hope so! I feel such an attachment to this tour, I'm so sad to see it end.

Katie Rose

Yesterday, I announced to my family, "Tonight is the final performance of the Little Women tour." I set my kitchen timer for the length of the show... I was sitting there doing history on the computer when the timer beeped.
Thank you. Thank you to every single one of you in the cast. Everyone has a show, what one of my friends calls a "heart show," a specific performance that inspires you, changes you. All of you gave me mine.
Congratulations of an amazing tour.
Katie Rose


I WROTE A LOT AND NOW ITS NOT HERE ANYMORE :'( it'll have to be shorter this goes...

Wow... I can never say anything I think while reading because every time when I get here Katie Rose has already said it...Thanks Katie Rose for speaking MY mind, I'm gonna miss that too...any way we can talk?

Mr Engaging-Personality: what she said (except for the kitchen timer part)...THANKS for the pics, they're awesome...
I really hope to read 1, 2 or even 3 more blog entries, but after that I'm gonna miss them, you know, those things that make your life easier in "complicated" moments...Thanks :)...and, again, as she said, Congratulations...

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