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Great pictures Andrew, thanks for sharing them!


Glad to see that you got some sight seeing in during your month in D.C. So did you guys enjoy your time here in Los Angeles? Loved the show again,you all never disappoint.

Katie Rose

Ooo, those are the most wonderful pictures, Mr. V! I especially love the second photo of the whole cast together. Everyone looks so lovely... and handsome! THIS IS SO COOL THAT YOU CAN POST PICTURES! :-D :-D :-D Alright, I have to run and do homework now (school started today, Drama first period, YES!!!!) because I just found out that because of a special summer dance class series I've been taking I get to go watch the "Funny Thing... Forum" dress rehearsal. SWEET!

Can't wait to hear about LA! *wink*


Great photos, Andrew! You look West Wing worthy. (Steve just looks Red Green worthy. KIDDING.)


I think that since you learned to post pictures, you should put some of that trailer trash dress up party you wrote about a while back! Im still curious to see that.


We miss you when you don't write!!! and now we're gonna start to miss the pics too...did you say DC is a mile from the sun? i thought DC was THE sun...1000000000000000000 degrees, right?
Thanks for the pix and for writing :)


Hey, you missed the hottest week of the year!

(I'm as big of a dork as you - I think it's incredibly cool that you got in the briefing room. My coolest DC famous person experience is sitting in the room with a load of Chinese grad students talking to Ted Koppel - I, not being Chinese, did not get to talk to Ted Koppel, I was only there to keep them from getting lost in DC. But it was still really really cool! And I once sold tickets to Scott Pelley and his wife. And I've handed out will call tickets to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which was really cool at the time, but a lot less so than sitting in a small conference room with Ted Koppel while he ranted about the current state of TV news.)

Ashley Batten

Hey-Thanks for posting the pics, Andrew! It's always fun reading your blogs! I hope that all is well.

-Ashley Batten


Wow! I saw you guys in Washington D.C. when you came all were AMAZING. I am an aspiring to be an actress, and I admire you all. All the Operatic tragedy coreography must have been hard to learn...I saw a performance when Susan was playing Jo...she made the performance and Musical all together very mermorable...Fantastic Job in all you do! God Bless!!!


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