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Katie Rose

Hey, I'd buy a Professor Bhaer action figure! He could stand next to my Johnny-Depp-as-Captain-Jack-Sparrow figure... that's not odd or anything... :-) And the M&M Mobile sounds QUITE entertaining! :-) And you DO have an extremely engaging personality, otherwise all of us Little Women Fans (we DO need a collective name, Katie Beth!) would not keep returning to read your exciting posts! Keep up the good work!


Katie Rose I can't post before you do! It's not the 1st time I read Mr.engaging-personality's posts and wait until you reply to do it myself.
Good thing you had fun doing press :D, but I still wouldn't like waking up at 6.30! Thanks again for your posts.

Katie Rose

I've begun getting email updates about your performances in LA... it's ONLY six hours away!!!! :-) Well, I'm negotiating with my parents, but know that you have a devoted fan in the process of trying to come see and support you all again! :-) (It would make my third time! Woohoo!)


*so jealous*

Katie Beth

You definitely do have an engaging personality...for all of the reasons posted above. I am seriously in post-Little Women mourning. It's truly dreadful. Bombay Dreams just pulled in (and out, thankfully) and now we have Les Mis (which everyone knows is fantastic, but I've seen it two hundred thousand times.) I miss your show! On another note, I am so so jealous about the M&M truck. That's pretty ridiculous. Hope all the cast is doing marvelously!

A devoted marcher


ahh! that sounds like so much fun! i actually did have the amazing oppurtinity to meet julie and totally know what your talking about! i met her at the master class in cleveland and when i came to the show a couple days later she was nice enough to meet me by the stage door and give me a complete backstage tour as i was completely speechless about because little women and the dream of one day play jo is pretty much my life.. and just standing center stage up there was so surreal!! anyways.. done gushing.. the point is.. the fans will miss her too!!! :'(

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