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Katie Rose

Oh, I love you people! :-) Actually, I just love "drama people." The best dynamic in the world! Those onstage jokes and comments sound like so much fun... and a true exercise for your concentration! I looked up the Tony nominations as soon as I got home from school! A DEFINITE congratulations to Sutton Foster! I love that they already created a list of Total Nominations by Production, so I didn't have to go through and count like I usually do! Once again, why drama people get the gold stars. :-) Any more news on Kate Fisher's progress? Thanks again for the update!


Steve is awful *g*. I've seen him do things onstage - sometimes his sense of humour gets the better of him. I suspect you saw some of what he and Tewksbury would get up to in the ABC Cafe, but I think you missed the most visible of it.

See you guys in DC - not sure when I'll be there, but I'll deffo be around a bit.


Oh Steve, he is incorrigible isn't he? But thats what makes Steve, Steve, and that's why we love him!


Not sure if this is Minarik who writes this blog. If it is, hey there. If not, please tell Mike that Adam and Mandi say, "Suskaptaweebie." See y'all in DC!


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