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Katie Rose

Wow, I feel stupid that I am ALWAYS the very first one to comment, but I check often! I can't help it. The Broadway touring/performing life is what I aspire to have, and I love reading about it! Paintball sounds eventful! The Tacky Clothes party sounds like so much fun, and Maureen McGovern just sounds lovely, like Julie Andrews! I'm glad to hear Kate Fisher will be back. She "astonished" me beyond description in Sacramento. I'm still in the process of working my parents to drive me to LA to see you all again! :-) (My RENT-obsessed friend has now dubbed me a "Little Women Head." Hmm... doesn't quite have the same ring to it.) I could do the poker games, but paintball might be a little too far for me! Julie Foldesi sounds like the epitome of "girl power." I hope she enjoyed her run with the tour! I agree with Susan about the bruise pictures, but can you post any others? That would be GREAT! :-)

Katie Rose

I've had another thought: We could use a "Nickname Translation Guide!"


Autumn as Dog? Priceless.


Agree with Katie Rose about the "Nickname Translation Guide!" and don't feel stupid because you're the first one to comment, if you don't comment I can't do it either, because I comment on your comments ;). Paintball's fun, I went a couple of times with friends, but can't do it often, as fun as it is it hurts!

Much love, and thanks for keeping us posted, I LOVE reading this blog ;)


I vote you post pictures of the trashy costume party!

Katie Beth

Hello all! I live in Dallas and work at the music hall..and I have a confession...I've seen the show every night I've worked! I absolutely adore the show and am pretty excited about discovering this blog. I'll be working/watching again throughout the weekend--looking forward to it!

Katie Beth

PS: having seen she show far too many times and starting memorize it, I noticed a bit of an issue of getting Amy's skirt back on after she falls through the ice--be sure to tell the cast they covered beautifully!! I asked a friend about it and she definitely didn't notice...

Katie Beth

Alright, after this I promise just one more comment on Dallas (I'm just seeing it Sunday mat/eve...and then it's over. So tragic!!) I saw the thursday matinee and Julie Foldesi was simply amazing!!! She completely nailed Astonishing AND The Fire Within Me..I'm disappointed I won't have the opportunity to enjoy her performances again! (But I am very excited about seeing Ms. Fisher...)

Katie Beth

Last Dallas comment...I promise! Basically this is my "I am so so sad that Little Women is leaving Dallas" post. Oh, and Kate Fisher was phenomenal! She completely changed the dynamics of the show, but it was lovely. Anyway, farewell Little Women...enjoy the rest of the tour!

p.s. Did we ever determine our technical fan-names? Marchers? Jo's something-or-others? Little-Women-Heads?

Katie Rose

Ooo, we do need technical fan names. I hadn't thought of any yet, but I am rather fond of the Marchers! :-)


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Paintball Guns

Heheh. You guys went all out! I enjoyed your description of your paintball gathering. Sounds like a blast.

Paintball Guns

Heheh. You guys went all out! I enjoyed your description of your paintball gathering. Sounds like a blast.


im glad more girls are getting into paintballing. we need alot more girls to play

paintball sniper

My 4 year old is now getting into paintball. we lower the FPS and let the kids play now


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