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Katie Rose

I wanna play!!! (Oh yes, that was articulate.)


I have to admit I wrote a shorter comment earlier and didn't post it because I thought it was too short, I guess I'll post it after yours and here's what it said:

Nice Mr Varela:P, Nice!!!

Katie Rose

I was just reading about the annual BC/EFA Easter Bonnet Competion. My first thought on reading the headline was, "How cool is this?" I was very excited to see all the different stars participating (Idina Menzel, Joel Grey, Jane Krakowski, etc.), but I got especially excited when reading the list of shows performing at the events. "Wicked, Les Mis, RENT, Little Wo - LITTLE WOMEN?!?!?" This just about made my day to read this (even though I can't actually SEE it since I live on the other side of the country), since my city's Broadway Series had just been announced as well AND I have a performance this afternoon... but, my main question is: Is this factual? Will the touring company be performing at the benefit? Since LW is no longer on Broadway, I thought it might be all of you... Thank you for the wonderful updates! How is your poker trophy holding up? :-)

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