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Katie Rose (formerly posting as Christine Daae)

That sounds like a lovely (and very girly!) tea party! I wish I could've been there! It sounds like Julie Foldesi is as good at poker as she is at Monopoly! :-) Poor Oscar! I'm thinking good thoughts for his little wrist! Thank you so very much for the updates! I love keeping up with the tour! (I saw you twice in Sacramento!)


Glad you had a nice time around here. Poor Oscar, hope he gets better soon.
As for the "driving around here" part, I'm sorry, that's the way it is, it's not that scary when you get used to it (or when it's the only place you've ever driven in).
Have fun in GA (and keep us posted, now that you have a new miami-spring-breaker, well, actually right now a new miami-college student-"fan")


How's Oscar? How are you being treated? Mr Varela (:P) what is your excuse for not letting us know how everything's going? (just kidding) Hope everythings alright and you're having fun.

Katie Rose

He said he'll try to post more frequently, and he is! :-) Don't pester the busy man! Nice work, Mr. Varela!


you know it's just a joke, I didn't really mean it ;)

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