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Christine Daae ;-D

Aww! I'm sorry about your foot! I will keep the flip flop tip in mind when warming up in my dressing rooms from now on! :-D

Elby ;D

Ooh that's no fun. When I was teching a show at a low-key theatre company one of the cast members wasn't wearing her shoes and cut her foot on a crack in the floor. ouch. i'll be sure to take you up on that flip flop advice :)


oooh that's horrible. I've definitely had moments like that between dance and least it got fixed (and you survived all those needles...hurrah!)

Christine Daae ;-)

How are you guys doing? There hasn't been an update in a while... I hope your foot is feeling better! I'm anxious to hear how everything is going.
-A Devoted Little Woman

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