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Julie LW

HI- Saw the show Sun afternoon in Detroit. It was lovely. I had a fine time and cried in all the right places.
Nice to get to see you on stage with your wife as Jo (I hope I read that correctly in the program).
Keep up the great work. I'm giving my Boston nieces tickets to the show for their Christmas presents!

Julie LW in Michigan


I saw the show in Columbus that night (November 30) and was absolutly blown away by the entire show, but especially Kate Fisher as Jo. I met her afterwards and spoke to her for a while about when I played Jo in a production recently, and she was such an incredible sweetheart!

Mike DeVito

Hello. I am a musical theater keyboard player in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC and am looking forward to the tour arriving in both cities this year. Might someone share with me the road orchestra's instrumentation and what players are hired locally?

Thank you, Mike DeVito

Brittany Willis


I must say I was amazed by the music of Little Women. I have not been able to see the production yet, but I'm hoping I get the chance.

My friend, another musical fan, introduced me to the CD and I fell in love...not just with the amazing voices but with the sheer beauty and importance of the music and lyrics.

Let's just say, I added this to my "Musicals I Want to Be In" list.


Congrats on the successes so far and break a leg as you go on!

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