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Scott Freiman

So glad to hear that the cast is "fired up" for the tour! I've heard such wonderful things about the company that I can't wait to see the new production. I'll be there along the tour -- somewhere.

Break lots of legs! (Just no more fires, please!)

Daria Maidenbaum

Glad to see that everything is going well even with the set mishaps. You guys are incredible, and I'm looknig forward to seeing the whoel thing once you guys hit New Haven.
Break a Leg!
Aude Sapere


My goodness! Good thing everyone is all right. I'm hoping to catch the show when it comes close to Virginia. I hope everyone remains safe!!

paul stickney

hi there,
someone please tell andrew varella that his old family servant herr lutz misses him and wants to talk to him. he can be reached at CARDINALCS@AOL.COM


Welcom to Utah and the Capitol Theatre!
Bear's wife says "hi"!

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